"The cast is excellent, with the four leads (Celik, Ipp, R’Miki, and Sobhian) portraying their character’s co-existing strengths and vulnerabilities with naked candor." 

Huffington Post NYC, "Lost and Guided" by Irene Kapustina

"Mischa Ipp is a sensational, fearless performer. She is a towering energy that owns the space with a magnetic presence. Her potent physicality matches the demand of the piece as she moves around the space manifesting different environments with strong characterization and a large table. I particularly enjoyed her massive vocal dynamism. An actress who can project brilliantly and can use many colors of her vocal range with a rich timbre, she transformed expertly through the use of intense visualization."

NY Theatre Guide, "Thread" by Elena Zucker

"Entrancing... Whether playing Mimi or the myriad other characters who flit in and out of the nonlinear narrative, Ipp is consistently captivating"

Time Out New York, "Thread" by Elena Zucker

"[The transcripts are] brought to vivid life by a young and dynamic cast... Amina (the delightful Mischa Ipp) has a more “Que sera sera” attitude on life. Aside from Amina’s telltale hijab, their casual girl-to-girl banter seems indistinguishable from that of two young women of any culture."

Huffington Post NYC, "Lost and Guided" by Irene Kapustina

"[Ipp] is strikingly beautiful ... a performance of skill and fortitude"

The West Australian, "Thread" by Elena Zucker

"[O Walter, My Walter has] its fair share of campiness and spitfire wordplay. Jenny Lee Mitchell, Mischa Ipp and Vicki Oceguera brilliantly capture this comedic tone" 

Stagebuddy New York, "O Walter, My Walter" by Elena Zucker

"Ipp is a stand-out, nailing both cute, adorable Sanji and the prima donna she harbours"

The West Australian, "Scent Tales" written by the cast, director, Alexis Davis and Corinne Davies.

"Ipp, Middleton and Richards' ensemble work is as tight as a water ballet and an entertainment in itself." 

The West Australian, "House of Fun!" written by the cast and director.

"Mischa Ipp gave a standout performance as the doomed Strophe. She is one to watch." 

The West Australian, "Phaedra's Love" by Sarah Kane.

"Scent Tales... is a little miracle... a perfectly realised production, its power rising like dough turning into bread in the hands of its cast and creative team."

The West Australian, "Scent Tales" written by the cast, director, Alexis Davis and Corinne Davies.